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We recommend seasonal tyre checks and even keeping a separate set of tyres for winter driving. Road Safety is always top of our list here at Virgo Tyres.

Bridgestone’s Tyres Top Safety Tips:

Top Winter Driving Tips

  • In the case of breakdown, make sure you travel with extra clothes, your mobile and a torch.
  • Do a car check, fill up your windscreen cleaner, buy antifreeze, make sure your lights are clear and work well.
  • Do a tyre pressure check.
  • If temperatures fall and your vehicle is iced up or snowed under, make sure you have visibility.
  • Drive slowly and carefully. Driving too fast on wet roads is lethal.
  • If the roads are wet, allow yourself adequate time to break. Allow even more time if there is snow or ice.
  • Avoid driving through floods if you possibly can. If you decide to drive through water, do it slowly in first or second gear. Keep your revs up to avoid stalling. Before you proceed with your trip, make sure you check your brakes when you reach the other side.
  • Wet and slippery roads are one of the prime causes of accidents. Drive using a slow speed and gentle maneuvers and get to your destination safely.
  • Misty or foggy conditions also create slippery roads. Be aware of your speed and err on the side of caution.