Are you looking for high quality cheap tyres?

At Virgo Tyres, we know we offer some of the cheapest tyres in Ireland but that is where the phrase ‘cheap’ ends.  Our extremely experienced and specially trained staff have travelled the world over in a voyage to source and find genuine top quality cheap tyres that offer real value for money to the European motorist. We understand you need cheap tyres you can trust and we understand that you need high quality tyres that you can trust. But we also understand you need a superior quality tyre. That is why all our tyres come with FREE delivery and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  As an company specialising in the sale and supply of high quality cheap tyres for carsvans and jeeps, we are constantly working to ensure that you the customer receive only the very best in service, quality and price.

You won’t find better quality tyres or better value for money anywhere else online. This quality and value for money together with huge online savings ensures that all customers of can avail of high quality cheap tyres right at their fingertips.

Rapid Tyres

The Rapid Tyre Brand is recognized as one of the world’s leading brands sold in 60 countries worldwide. Renowned for their patterns, design, and endurance, Rapid Tyres have carved out a strong international reputation with millions of loyal motorists across 5 Continents purchasing in excess of 6 million rapid tyres annually.  Rapid tyres are manufactured by the lead engineers from Michelin Tyres and have adopted the same technicalities. They may be cheap tyres in price but definitely not cheap tyres in quality.  The materials used in the production process are of the highest standards and quality control is of the most importance. Each and every tyre is individually tested and balanced before it leaves the factory ensuring it meets the very high standards now required by the European motorist. Rapid tyres produce an extensive range of tyres ranging from normal tyres, high performance tyres, ultra high performance tyres, extra load tyres as well as tyres for all seasons.  Cheap tyres from Rapid tyres, one of the world’s leading tyre manufactures.

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