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Johnny O’Leary

Superb value for money. Went online to virgotyres.com and was really surprised at how easy it was to buy a real top quality tyres for less than ½ price. Very impressed!

Ronnie Greaney

I can’t understand why more people don’t buy their tyres online. 2 minutes on virgotyres.com and I completed my purchase of 4 tyres. Two days later, I had 4 Rapid tyres delivered to my front door after saving a substantial amount of money.

Patrick O’Neill

Mighty stuff. That’s how I would describe buying 2 new tyres for my car on virgotyres.com. Got them for them for less than ½ price and they were delivered straight to my door.

Liam Hayes

Serious value for money and hassle free. I would recommend Virgo Tyres to anyone looking for top-notch discounted tyres. A brilliant service.

Tony Barrett

Nothing beats a deal and that’s exactly what I got when I bought my tyres online from virgotyres.com .Top class Rapid tyres heavily discounted from normal retail prices. Make no mistake about it, this is the only way to buy tyres.

Gary Day

I heard about virgotyres.com from a friend of mine who purchased tyres online. Buying tyres online was a whole new experience for me, but I can honestly say that I was delighted with the outcome. I saved a lot of hard earned cash, got really good tyres and had a marvellous customer experience. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

Celia Lamb